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My Newest Thriller: Carefully Hidden

Like the plot in the book itself, my latest thriller, more or less, wrote itself. Once the first few lines popped out, I was off on the adventure, not knowing where it might lead but eager to ride it out.

I’ve always been intrigued with the veiled line that separates reality and imagination; consciousness and the unconscious; as well as the thoughts we have versus the ideas that somehow formulate within us. Carefully Hidden explores this line. Much like in my first book, Figment, there is always the danger lurking of not being able to determine which side of the line one is situated.

All four of my thrillers approach this question from vastly different angles. I think that is what makes a tasty thriller, when the answers are never as obvious as one might expect. I trust you will agree.

Please leave a review if you read Carefully Hidden as I’m always eager to hear what people think. Thanks and happy reading!
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