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My Next Endeavour ...

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in. I’ve been so pleased with the initial feedback I’ve received for my first novel, Figment. It is doing better than I ever imagined it would. It has been a fun process, that’s for sure.

While I have a few finished manuscripts that I’ve been wanting to publish for a while, I’ve just completed the first draft of what I’ve decided will be my next publication: FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS is a suspense/coming-of-age/horror novel set in the fictious town of Providence, Washington.

The idea for FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS popped out one day while lying on the couch. I just began writing—believing at the time that a short story would develop. Eight months later I had a 70K+ novel on my hands.

The process ahead is to produce another draft, put it through a series of edits, then put it in front of some beta readers (any volunteers?), re-edit, and then prepare it as best as possible for publication. It will then be time for the cover design and marketing. This can take many months but can be a fun and educational process.

Please drop me a note in the contact portion of the website if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks everyone.

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