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Human by day, writer by night, C.W. Johnston resides with his family on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. C. W. Johnston has a BA (McMaster University), B.Ed and M.Div. (University of Toronto). He has spent much of his life in education. Both his fiction and non-fiction works have been featured in various magazines and publications over the years. You can find him tweeting as @Real_CWJohnston, or taking pictures on Instagram at c.w.johnston. You can also visit his official Facebook page at @cwjohnston60.




He loves getting away from civilization. Now he might be the only person who can save it…


Professor Tyler Stevens believes there’s nothing like fresh mountain air to clear the mind. But on a weekend trip in the rugged Montana wilderness with zero cell phone service, he’s shocked then terrified by a cascade of ominous texts. Struggling to comprehend the surreal messages, he stumbles into a world where delusion and horrific realities swirl.


Fearing he may have lost his sanity, he ventures deeper into the dark futurescape and makes a shocking discovery. To prevent the apocalypse, he must commit cold-blooded murder…


Has the professor’s isolation driven him crazy, or is he destined to rescue humanity?

Figment is a pulse-pounding psychological thriller. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, determined heroes, and harrowing twists and turns, then you’ll love Canadian author, C. W. Johnston’s mind-bending novel.


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