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Dead End Dogs

After being abandoned by his owner on a tiny Caribbean island, Fade stumbles upon a ragtag pack of local mutts known as the Dead End dogs. Impressed by his character, they quickly adopt him into their pitiful group. As his strength returns, Fade’s mind turns to a beautiful beagle named Belinda that he’d met weeks earlier. Although their encounter had only been brief, it was love at first sight for the both of them.


To his dismay, Fade discovers that Belinda has been kidnapped by the most dangerous pack of dogs on the island. No canine has ever dared confront the powerful Up-Yonder dogs. Attila, their leader, is undoubtedly the nastiest brute on earth. While it would be sheer madness to venture anywhere near this savage pack, Fade is determined to rescue her.


Can Fade summon the courage to face the Up-Yonders and save Belinda? Would the Dead End dogs dare to help him? Should any of them even consider such a dangerous mission? 


One thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same again.

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