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Five Little Monkeys

Something is luring people into the woods surrounding Providence … And they’re not coming back.

When one of his friends becomes the latest resident to vanish, thirteen-year-old Jermaine is desperate for answers. The arrival into town of an enigmatic stranger piques his interest; her conviction about the cause of the mysterious disappearances emboldens his determination. Together with his buddies, plans are forged that will change their lives forever.

One thing is evident: ending the mayhem will demand confronting the evil that lurks in the forest.


Five Little Monkeys is a suspense-laden, pulse-pounding nail-biter. If you enjoy thrilling horror stories, edge-of-your-seat suspense, coming-of-age journeys, determined heroes, and harrowing twists and turns, then you’ll love C. W. Johnston’s second novel.

Buy Five Little Monkeys and end the madness today!

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