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Illuminated Rock


One mission. One man. An entire nation watching. 

When small-town schoolteacher Robert Glass is announced as the winner of a nationwide contest designed to launch a civilian into space on an unprecedented solo mission, it appears that his lifelong fantasy has come true. His selection from thousands of applications has captured the world’s imagination.

It is no secret that the success of NASA’s wildly popular Instant Spaceman Contest could be the lifeline that salvages the President’s waning bid for re-election. As the countdown to launch begins and interest in the mission grows, nefarious adversaries and political enemies will stop at nothing to sabotage its success.


With his wife and son at his side, and blissfully unaware that he has become a pawn in a dangerous political game, Glass heads to Florida to begin an intense period of training for the epic twelve-day mission. As launch day approaches, and with the world on the edge of its seat, investigative journalist Derek Stevens uncovers a sequence of suspicious events that all point to a terrifying fact: Glass’s mission may have been compromised.


As millions of people watch the sleek spaceship effortlessly lift off from Kennedy Space Center, Stevens races against the clock to uncover the truth before it’s too late.


A riveting, page-turner, 12 Days is sure to grab you by the collar and pull you in.

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