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Thirty Years in the Making may have taken over thirty years, but Dead End Dogs has finally been published. A story written in the early 1990s while living on a small island in the Bahamas has now been dusted off, polished, and shown the light of day. Part of the delay was that I knew it was essential that it had an illustrator, and I wanted a Bahamian to do it. After contacting the design department at the University of The Bahamas, I was given the name of a recent graduate looking to make a name for herself. Janae M. Ferguson agreed to do some drawings for me to consider for this book. I was immediately enamoured with her unique style and employed her for the task.

Dead End Dogs is a children’s chapter book; a far cry from my recent thriller books. I’m just happy to have found Janae and am now able to put it out into the world.

Next up? Not sure yet. I have two completed thrillers with another halfway complete; two completed comedies; and a nearly finished young adult fantasy. We will see what emerges over the next few months.

Happy Holidays!

Dead End Dogs, by C. W. Johnston can be found on Amazon.

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