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Reflection and Rewriting

It is almost a year to the day that the world as we know it really began to change. Speculation on an epidemic becoming a pandemic was rampant. Wearing masks was yet to be a ‘thing,’ and fear was at an all-time high. Little did we know...

For introverts, isolation and lockdowns are more easily navigated. For writers like me, they are also opportunities. My third novel of the year (A Gardener’s Quest) is in the second round of edits and I’m already playing with tag lines, blurbs, covers, and acknowledgments.

The first draft of A Gardener’s Quest was written over thirty years ago and lock down was the perfect time to dust it off and give it a re-write. Leaving it set in the early 1990s was a decision I made after tinkering with the idea to modernize it. I decided to keep it where it was and there is something atmospheric about writing about an era void of email, cell phones, and the internet. I was also reminded that writing a book when I did, without access to any of these things, had been laborious and time consuming.

I’m excited about this next one. A Gardener’s Quest is an adult fiction and different than Figment and Five Little Monkeysin just about every way. The countdown is on!

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