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Saving Grace

A year ago, the first winds of the pandemic began to blow. We prepared for something we didn’t really understand and couldn’t believe would be as impactful and devastating as it has turned out to be. People around the world have lost loved ones, struggled to keep their businesses afloat, had lifestyles drastically altered, and have been forced to reassess the world around them. Yet in the eye of this hurricane, I have seen so many charitable endeavors and random acts of kindness. I am often remined that we choose how to face adversity.

One of the saving graces for me is to have been able to lean into my writing for reprieve. Losing myself in fictious worlds is like visiting the playground each day. In the last nine months I have been able to publish two books, and my latest novel is currently with my editor. I prefer having two manuscripts on the go: one with my editor for the first round of edits, and one that I’m currently working on. For me, there is a nice rhythm to doing it this way as I have one foot in the present and one in the future. It keeps me moving.

I’m looking forward to the next stage of the process with both novels. There is something imminently fulfilling about the entire journey of writing and publishing a book. I’m sure it’s not dissimilar to composing a song, then recording it and sending it out into the world. Or painting something and displaying it for others. The idea, followed by the journey, and ending with its birth into the public domain is entirely satisfying.

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