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The Circle of Write

Less than a week after the launch of Five Little Monkeys, I am already putting the final touches on the last draft of my new novel A Gardener’s Quest—a 140,000 word behemoth that I will ship out to my editor in a couple of weeks. Then it is time to revisit a novel that I am 50K words into and try to finish that up over the December break.

Whether writing is a hobby or a full-time profession, the sequencing is the same. It seems to be an endless circle of creating, revising, editing, and polishing. While it is satisfying, it can also be frustrating. Personally, I find listening to podcasts by writers and for writers helps motivate me. A daily, early morning walk listening to the advice and experience of others seems to get my engines rolling again.

The best part is the creating part. There are no rules. It is an empty playground. If only editing could be that fun!

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