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The Next Stage

Well the developmental, line, copy, and final edits are in and finalized. Phew! It is always quite a process and, to be honest, my least favorite of all the stages involved in publishing a book.

One more final proofread to go and then we shift to the formatting, design, marketing and launch plan. Self-Publishing demands a bit of a slog through things that most authors have little interest in. Yet it is key that careful attention is given to each part of the process. Writing is the easy part!

I have designed my own cover but have sent it off to be given a professional touch. I have written the ‘extras’ that go along with the manuscript (things like: acknowledgments; about the author; blurb, etc.) and they are ready for a final edit.

Then comes the decision on a launch date and then the marketing. I’m hoping to have Five Little Monkeys out sometime in December so stay tuned!

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